Don't let your diet ruin your trips abroad!

With the help of the free GlutenFreeCard app you'll be able to order a safe gluten-free meal in the most popular languages in the world.

Gluten Free Card is an app that explains the dietary requirements of a strict gluten-free diet in 10 popular languages (many more coming soon!).

The app has been created mainly for people with celiac disease, but can also be used by people with gluten sensitivity and/or people on a voluntary strict gluten-free diet.

The text has been translated by professional translators and it mentions all possible issues related to celiac disease and the gluten-free diet, and it takes about a minute to read it.

If you prefer the printed version, please choose a language, print it, and fold it along the lines!

The GlutenFreeCard project is completely free. If you value our work and want to contribute, feel free to buy me a virtual coffee. Thanks a bunch!